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Multi Class Region Championships 2024

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2 - 12 Feb 2024
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Events for multi-class athletes are included in the Little Athletics NSW Regional Championships. These events are direct entry, meaning athletes do not progress from Zone to Region. Athletes must be made aware that if they compete at Zone this does not mean that they automatically progress to the next level. They will still need to submit their direct entry to Regional Championships.


The following events will be available for multi-class athletes: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, Long Jump, Shot Put, Javelin (U11+) & Discus.

Event Selection

  • U9/U10 can choose up to 4 events
  • U11/U12 can choose up to 5 events
  • U13/U17 can choose up to 6 events

NOTE:   Athletes who are nominating to compete in the multi-class events at the Regional Championships may choose to also compete in able-bodied events at the Zone, Region, and State Championships. Athletes, however, are not permitted to compete in both the multi-class and able-bodied of the same event. e.g., 100m able-bodied and 100m multi-class.

Age Groups
    The events will be conducted in the following age groups: –

  • U9 & U10     Boys & Girls
  • U11 & U12    Boys & Girls
  • U13 & U14    Boys & Girls
  • U15 – U17     Boys & Girls


All events will be conducted as multi-class events. Competitors will compete against a baseline standard time or distance for their classification. Placings will be determined by the competitor’s time/distance calculated against a percentage of the baseline standard for their classification.

  • Track events will be conducted as timed events.
  • Field events will be restricted to three trials per athlete.
  • Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. Certificates are awarded to all athletes.

Direct Entry

Direct entry refers to the fact that the athletes competing in the multi-class events at the Regional Championships will not have been required to compete at the Zone Championships in order to progress to the State Track & Field Championships. Rather, an entry procedure will apply.


  • Competitors must be fully registered Little Athletes and compete in their centre uniform.
  • Entry MUST be done online via this registration page.
  • A competitor may only compete in one age grouping.
  • Late entries will not be accepted.
  • Proof of the athlete’s classification will be checked against Athletics Australia’s Classification Master List, even if the athlete has previously competed at this event in past seasons.
  • Multi-class athletes who enter directly to the Regional Championships will be added to the program and will be included with centre qualifiers. Qualifiers will be advised to centres via email and social media.

Progression from Region to State

Progression from Region to State is the same as able-bodied athletes. This can be found in the Rules of Competition on the LANSW website under the Competitions tab.

Rules & Event/Equipment Specifications

Multi-class events will be conducted according to the LANSW Rules of Competition. It is the responsibility of all athletes, their parents/guardians, and their coaches to make sure they understand the relevant rules and how they operate. 


All multi-class athletes who compete at the Little Athletics Regional Championships must have received a provisional classification PRIOR to the closing date of registration of the event. Proof of classification forms part of the entry. Little Athletics NSW will check all entries against the Athletics Australia Classification Master List. 

The following disabilities can be classified for athletics and therefore be eligible to compete in the multi-class events:

  • T/F 01                                 Hearing Impairment
  • RR1-3                                  Physical Impairment (Frame Running)
  • T/F 11-13                           Visual Impairment
  • T/F 20-21                           Intellectual Impairment
  • T31-54; F31-57                 Physical Impairment
  • T/F 60                                 Transplant Athletes
  • T61-64                                Physical Impairment



Close at 11pm Monday, 18 December 2023

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