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1 Aug - 31 Dec 2023
About The Event

Welcome to GameDay! 

This is a demonstration event that allows you to test the front-end user experience of GameDay Events & Ticketing. 

Features you will see include: 

  • Branded Landing Page that allow your event pages feel like an extension of your current website and brand
  • Sponsor Placement Panel highlighting key commercial sponsors of your organisation or event
  • Promo Codes & Discounts providing incentive and offers to participants
  • Multiple Product Options including age filters, members only, early bird offers, single-time purchase only and many more
  • Flexible Payment Options including debit/credit, PayPal, Pay-in-Three, GooglePay and ApplePay
  • QR Code Tickets which includes digital wallet storage, so there's no more lost tickets

If you want to find out more, please visit:




*Please note this is not a real event, the landing page, tickets and confirmation messaging are purely for demonstration purposes. We have provided promotional codes and discounts to ensure no payments have to be processed. 

Choose an Event Product

General Entry
General Entry place (use Promo Code: GAMEDAY100)
Family Entry - Child / Junior (U18)
Purchase at least two family products to receive 100% discount
Family Entry - Parent (18+)
Purchase at least two family products to receive 100% discount

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