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Winter Track Series #2

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4 Jul 2023
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  • All competing athletes must be registered members of LANSW in the 2022/23 season.
  • Cost is $20 per athlete per meet (unlimited events). Strictly no late entries or entries on the day.
  • Event Clashes - Please be mindful of clashing events when selecting events. This is the responsibility of the parent. If an athlete leaves a field event to compete in a track event and the field event is completed before the track event is completed, the athlete will not be allowed to return to the field event to complete their rounds. In this instance, the furthest recorded performance from the attempts completed by that athlete will be recorded. If the field event is still running the athlete may return to complete their rounds.
  • Entries close Friday 30th June at 1159pm


  • All events will be conducted as per LANSW Rules of Competition (Roc) and LAA/WA/WPA Rules.
  • Athletes must compete in their centre uniform with all patches attached as per the Rules of Competition.
  • There will be no call room. Athletes are to turn up to their event area 10mins prior to their scheduled start time. Officials will call out athletes to their heats/trials.
  • All events will be conducted in age groups as follows:
    • U8 (born in 2015)
    • U9 (born in 2014)
    • U10 (born in 2013)
    • U11 (born in 2012)
    • U12 (born in 2011)
    • U13 (born in 2010)
    • U14 (born in 2009)
    • U15 (born in 2008)
    • U17 (born in 2006 & 07)
  • Depending on entries, genders may be mixed and compete together.
  • Multi Class athletes will compete with able bodied but score separately in age group awards. MC will contribute to Centre awards.
  • Track events will be seeded fastest to slowest based on athletes’ seasons best.
  • Lane draws will be random.
  • All field events will have 3 trials.
  • MC events will be scored using the AA Baseline table.
  • MC is only open to those in the U9 and above age groups only due to classification eligibility.


Athletes will be able to score points for each category in their respective age group. At the end of the completion of the third meet all scores will be combined to determine overall winners for each category. Top 3 will receive awards. 

The categories are below:

  • Sprints – 100m/200m
  • Middle Distance – 400m/700m/800m  (700m is for U8 only)
  • Throws – Shot Put/Discus
  • Jumps – Long Jump


Each age group/gender is eligible for scoring points for their centre. Points will be combined across all age groups/genders to determine the overall winning centre at the end of the 3 meets.


1st - 15pts                       9th - 6pts

2nd - 13pts                   10th - 5pts

3rd - 12pts                    11th - 4pts

4th - 11pts                     12th - 3pts

5th - 10pts                    13th - 2pts

6th - 9pts                      14th - 1pt

7th - 8pts                       any placings thereafter - 1pt

8th - 7pts                       did not finish (DNF); no distance (ND) and Disqualification (DSQ) will be awarded                                                  1pt for starting


If at the end of the series there is a tie, a countback will be used to determine places.  Where there is a tie for points at the end of the series, the athlete or centre with the highest number of first places across the series will be given the higher rank.  If the tie remains, it will be determined on the highest number of second places and so forth.        


The presentation will be held at the conclusion of the third meet.


  • May be given on a case by case basis prior to the closing date of registrations
  • Any refunds will incur a $5 admin fee


A canteen will be available on the day at the basketball stadium connected to the track. Food & drink offerings include the following:

  • Chicken Burgers, Nuggets, Chips, Pies, Sausages Roles
  • Sandwiches (Toasted and Fresh)
  • Cakes and Muffins, Lollies
  • Coffee and a variety of cold drinks

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U10 Girls WTS #3
U14 Boys WTS #3
U12 Boys WTS #3
U17 Girls WTS #3
U13 Boys WTS #3
U11 Boys WTS #3
U9 Girls WTS #3
U11 Girls WTS #3
U15 Girls WTS #3
U12 Girls WTS #3
U8 Boys WTS #3
U10 Boys WTS #3
U17 Boys WTS #3
U15 Boys WTS #3
U9 Boys WTS #3
U8 Girls WTS #3
U14 Girls WTS #3
U13 Girls WTS #3

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